by Eco Kids Planet July 20, 2017

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the world's oceans. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste enter the sea.

In our Great Barrier Reef issue, we asked our readers to draw a picture of what "a pollution monster" would look like. Thank you to everyone who sent us their letters, ideas and designs. Below are some of your best monstrous creations!

The Pollution King by Eva, age 7, Pewsey

Pollution Monster by Ignacio, Age 7, Sevenoaks  

Two-Headed Plastic Vomiter by Ameya, age 8, Brittany, France

I have created the polluting two headed plastic vomiter monster. If we work together, I am sure we can fight these horrid creatures and free the world from sea pollution. I live near the sea in France and I wish we can all keep the water clean.

Oily, aka the Dark Menace by Catelyn, age 10, Chart Lane


  Benjamin Yongo, 6 years old, London

Sebastian Yongo, 6 years old, London


 Middle Eastern Oil Spill Pollution by Stuart, age 10, Newport-on-Tay


 Pollution Monster by Elle, age 8, Ireland

It's a pollution monster fish which shows some of the many threats to the ocean environment: plastic, toxic waste, paint cans, household chemicals, nets, etc.

Pollution Monster by Sofia, age 6, Leeds

This is my pollution monster. It poops plastic bottles, bags and cans. It also smokes like a chimney.

Pollution Monster by Santhana, age 8, Williamsville, USA

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