by Emma Louise Oldham December 04, 2017

Presents that nourish and inspire a love for science are long lasting. Not only do they teach our children to question, investigate and develop new skills but they’re also just great fun! You’ll most likely find yourself joining in as your child builds, experiments and learns.

We’ve rounded up our Top 5 favourite Science gifts on the scene for 2017/18. All under £30, these gifts can help build children’s intrigue for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects.

  1. Air powered engine £16.99

No batteries, chargers or motors needed, this gift can bring hours of fun with just the power of air. Children learn to build their own car and operate it by pumping air into the chamber. Unbelievably, this little car can reach high speeds – making 50 metres in just 35 seconds. For siblings, these would make great racing and building challenges.

  1. Rainbow in your room £21.99

Stimulate your children’s senses with this beautiful light show. This projector displays a rainbow across walls or ceilings in any darkened room. A great gift for helping children learn how colours are reflected and good fun for sleepovers and parties. The auto shut off mechanism helps preserve battery life making it a relaxing night light for younger children too.

  1. Children's Virtuali-Tee T-shirt £25.00

We’ve never seen anything like this! This interactive t-shirt is the perfect tool for helping children learn about the human body. When scanned with a gadget (using the free app), the t-shirt brings anatomy to life, showing how the body works. With help from anatomy expert Hands Glover, you can take a good nosey into the bloodstream, intestines and lungs to see what they’re made from and how they function. We can imagine quite funny faces when your children switch to the selfie-mode to see inside their own bodies. The t-shirt is also machine washable and comes in all sizes from 3 – 13 years.


  1. Glow in the dark slime lab Prices Vary

Constantly hearing your children rave about slime? Us too! This gift provides the perfect opportunity to tap into the slime craze to engage your children with science.  National Geographic have put together a great set that guides your child through a glow-in-the-dark experiment! Comes with lots of slimly facts and full colour guide.

  1. Eco Kids Planet Magazine Subscription

Encourage your children to protect their planet. Our award-winning magazine is full of interesting facts, activities and STEM literature. Nourish their science and nature knowledge with pages full of inspiring images, facts and competitions. Arriving through your letterbox with your child’s name on, this gift will keep on giving long after Christmas.

There you have it! 5 super science gifts. Just a little reminder that when you’re wrapping up all of these exciting gifts, try to source your paper from recycled products. You can also look for the FSC logo (which means new trees have been planted from the ones used to make your paper), or even better, re-use saved gift bags from home.

Merry Christmas!

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