Kid's Nature Magazines - Issue 41 - Spectacular Plants

Plants are MAGICAL. They can trick insects, heal people and provide us with everything we need. Did you know that trees have secret conversations underground? And some plants have evolved into toilets and eat animal poo? Get fascinated by plants that put on the most amazing disguises  and trees which look after their children. 
Make your own 3D Hornbill and meet Amelia the Fox 🦊 in our brand new comic strip! 

Be warned: after reading this issue, you’ll never look at plants in the same way again!

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    • The Secret Language of Trees – Can trees talk?
    • Plants in Disguise – Ever been pranked by a plant?
    • It’s Not Just Bees! – Unusual pollinators
    • Charlie Meets a Lemur – Interview with the world’s biggest pollinator
    • The Many Uses of Plants – Amy investigates
    • Creepy and Deadly Plants! – Simon investigates
    • Deforestation and Tree Conservation – Find out why and how to save trees
    • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Have fun with puzzles and games
    • Over to You – Your letters and creations
    • Tree Investigation Time – Enjoy this month’s nature project
    • Cool Facts About Plants – Infographic
    • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: DIY Rhinoceros Hornbill

Type: Single issue

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