Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 61 – Britain's Amazing Islands

November 2019 edition: Britain's Amazing Islands

They’re full of great things, like nature reserves, cliffs, hidden coves and mountains! But which island has seaweed-eating sheep? Or hairy snails? Or the most famous rockpools, packed with creatures? Or a perfectly preserved ancient village that’s older than the pyramids? We’ll tell you which islands are puffin-packed. We’ll see why people count seals on the Farne Islands, why Eigg is the most eco-friendly island of all – and lots more!

Many of these islands are uninhabited by humans. Should we be allowed to visit them or should we leave the wildlife alone? Should we keep taking boat trips to see the whales and dolphins, or is that harmful, too? Let's have a debate!

Dare to investigate the islands' incredible folklore? They are said to be full of mythical creatures, including a shape-shifting water horse, the hairy buggane, and the ‘dog of the dead’ of the Channel Islands, with its glowing red eyes? Don’t worry, none of these creatures are real. WE HOPE!


  • A Letter From Dave, an Earthworm – The mighty recycler of the planet!
  • Puffins – The clown jewels of the British Isles...
  • The Weirdest Creatures that Ever Lived! –  Simon investigates...
  • Charlie Meets a Wild Wallaby... on the Isle of Man
  • The Isle of Man and its Fabulous Folklore – Simon investigates
  • Let's Debate Ecotourism –  Is it good or bad for the environment?
  • Wildlife Sights for Every Season – Amy investigates
  • Eco Kids Quiz Planet – Games, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You – Your letters and creations
  • Fruit and Cereal Bird Feeder – Attracts birds to your garden
  • Leafy Creatures – Enter this month's competition
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Atlantic Puffin Poster, Mountain Hare Poster, Grey Seal Pup Poster
  • MAGAZINES EXTRAS: Wildlife Newsletter

Type: Single issue