Kid's Nature Magazines – Issue 72 – Cave Creatures

October 2020: Cave Creatures

Let’s rave about caves! What creatures roam in the deadly darkness of caves? Plenty, it turns out! Brave yourself as we shed light on bat-eating snakes, toxic crustaceans, glow-worms and colossal colonies of bats.

Explore underwater caves, nooks and crannies to spy on moray eels, nurse sharks, lobsters and other sea cave dwellers.

Solve the creepy rhyming cave riddles, get the scoop on the latest wildlife news and make some ghoulish treats for Halloween (even if, this year, you’ll have to gobble them up all by yourself!). 


  • A Letter from Mr Toxic Crustacean – Enter this issue at your peril!
  • Le'ts Rave About Caves – Caves rock!
  • Cave Creature Survival Skills – Amy investigates!
  • Waterlogged Worlds – Underwater caves and crevices
  • The Weirdest Cave Creatures – Simon investigates
  • Charlie Meets... Two amazing bats!
  • Creatures from Beyond the Cave – Extinct animals of the Ice Age
  • Cave swiftlets - Amelia the Fox comic
  • Quiz Planet – Crossword, puzzles and jokes
  • Over to You - Your letters and creations
  • Skull Pastry – Make ghoulish treats for Halloween!
  • Cave Diorama – Enter this month’s competition
  • Wildlife News – Rhona and Rusty report
  • MAGAZINE EXTRAS: Two posters

Type: Single issue