by Eco Kids Planet April 02, 2024

In our ‘Amazing Eyes’ February edition, we dared you to dream of having an extra pair of eyes… or maybe two! A massive thank you to everyone who joined in. Your entries were brilliantly inventive, wildly insightful, and absolutely captivating.

Kudos to our four winners!

Amelia, age 8, Livingston

Ariana, age 11, London

Seren, age 12, Loughborough

In this picture, I have a total of seven amazing eyes – all of which are seen in nature.

In the centre of my forehead, there is a chameleon eye; this is used for 360° vision and moves independently from the rest of the eyes. I can also see ultraviolet light through this eye!

On either side of the chameleon eye is a cat eye. These eyes allow me to have enhanced night vision and help me react to super-fast movements. However, I only see a dulled colour spectrum through these eyes.

Above all the other eyes sit fly eyes. These amazing eyes are compound and allow 'slowmo' vision. These eyes sit atop snail stalks.

And of course, my amazing human eyes! 👀

Sadie, age 7, Portsoy


Olivia, age 13, Livingston

Noah, age 9, Gloucester

Kristina, age 11, Edinburgh

"With these new eyes I can look all around me without turning my head, I can look on high shelves and in holes easily as well."

Joshua, age 8, Halesowen

My vision is pancake eyes. I turned my yummy pancake day pancakes into an extra pair of peepers. They give me eyes in the back of my head to stop people sneaking up on me and tricking me. Pancake eyes give me the superpower of being able to shoot out pancakes whenever you want. The pancakes splat my enemies in the face and then I eat the pancakes up with some sugar on top!


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