by Eco Kids Planet June 07, 2022

We loved receiving your entries to our cress head competition. What funny cress-headed fellows you created: from crooks and caterpillars to polar bears and princesses! Thank you to everyone who entered the competition.

Congratulations to our five lucky winners!


Elsa,aged 9, Heathfield

Cress Crooks


Imogen, aged 10, Hove

Crooked Cress Heads

Jacob, aged 7, Salisbury

Mustard Heads


Maria, aged 5, Stockport

Polar Bear in the Snow


 Mathilda, aged 9, Salisbury

Cress Heads



More amazing entries from our readers!

Carrie, aged 8, Heathfield

Daniel, aged 10, Stockport

Erin, aged 6, Withyham


James, aged 9, Sandford


 Joseph, aged 8, Stockport


 Jude, aged 7, Hazel Grove



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Clare Wall
Clare Wall

November 10, 2022

Lovely to see the cress heads on here! We have found ours. Maria was thrilled with her prize thank you! And it’s so good to see other entries are shown too, a really proud moment for children to see their creations on your website even if they didn’t make it into the magazine. Thank you!

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