Monthly Competition: Save the Sifaka Poster

by Anya Dimelow July 06, 2023

In May’s ‘Jumpers’ issue, we asked you to design a Save the Sifaka poster. Thank you to everyone who sent us their entries. We hope you enjoyed learning about these unique primates.

Congratulations to our four winners!

Glorielle, age 8, Stourbridge 

Alys, age 10, Swindon 

Lily, age 11, Picklescott 

Ruqayyah, age 14, Burton on Trent 


Ahmed, age 11, Burton On Trent


Lily-Mae, age 9, Redhill

Luke, age 11, Devon

 Seren, age 10

Sofia, age 5, Wales

Madeline, age 8, Sevenoaks

Sophia, age 11, Livingston

Zoey, age 9, Norwich

Abigail, age 10, Sandown 

Josiah, age 8, Crawley

Olivia, age 8, Welwyn Garden City

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