by Eco Kids Planet February 02, 2024

In our December 2023 'Extreme Ocean' issue, we asked our readers to craft a whale greetings card, included in the magazine. A big thank you to everyone who participated. It was truly delightful to see your creative work and read your warm messages.

Congratulations to our four winners! 

Chester, age 7, Cambridge

I gave this card to my class teacher, Miss Cowell, because she is a brilliant teacher and works really hard all the time to make school fun and interesting. 

"Happy Christmas! Hope you have a great Christmas holiday. Thank you for a fun term."


Alex, age 7, Hitchin

Elizabeth, age 10, Kingussie

"This card is for my much younger friend Seonaidh who is 3 years old."

Elodie, age 8, Darley Abbey

"I'm sending my card to my little brother Torben, because he's the best little brother in the world and I love him." 

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