Fun Resources & Activities for Halloween!

Kids love learning about all things spooky, creepy and crawly. That’s why we’ve put together this list of Halloween-themed ideas for your children. Download our vampire bat finger puppet, read facts about bats, solve Halloween-themed puzzles and enjoy a discount on 3 kid-favourite print titles. 

Download our cute vampire bat finger puppet!

Take your bat puppet for a walk or bring it along with you if you go trick-or-treating. It will make a nice addition to any Halloween costume!



Download our free 'Spooky Science' resource pack! 

In this resources pack:

  • Glossary
  • Spooky Science Crossword
  • Colouring: Tarantula
  • Bat Swarm Décor
  • Amy’s Slime Laboratory
  • Ghostly Games and Pumpkin Puzzles
  • Answers

 Bat Superpowers: The Unstoppable Hunters of the Night

bats incredible skills and adaptations

Everyone thinks bats are super-cool at Halloween, with their sharp pointy teeth, cute furry bodies, weird leathery wings and legendary blood-sucking habits. But when you’ve discovered their SEVEN SUPERPOWERS, you’ll think they’re super-cool all year round. Find out about bats incredible superpowers

Trick or Treat! 

Treat your kids to these three spooky titles! Bundle and save 40% on this kid-favourite 3-pack.