Make your Own: Eco Bath Bombs

Make your own: eco bath bombs

by Emma Louise Oldham May 23, 2020

They’re fizzy and vibrant, and smell divine! These eco bath bombs contain only natural ingredients, so are kind to skin. And when the fun is finished, they are safe to go down the plughole, too! What you need: ½ cup Epsom salt 1 cup baking soda ½ cup citric acid Few drops of natural organic food co...

Make Your Own: Erupting Pumpkins

Make your own: erupting pumpkins

by Emma Louise Oldham October 26, 2019

Don't let your carved pumpkins go to waste. They make fantastic volcanos! Turn your leftovers into an erupting fun science project. What you need: One small pumpkin (the bigger you use, the more of the other ingredients you need to add) Vinegar Food coloring (optional) Dish soap Water What to do...