Make Your Own: Erupting Pumpkins

Make your own: erupting pumpkins

by Emma Louise Oldham October 26, 2019

Don't let your carved pumpkins go to waste. They make fantastic volcanos! Turn your leftovers into an erupting fun science project. What you need: One small pumpkin (the bigger you use, the more of the other ingredients you need to add) Vinegar Food coloring (optional) Dish soap Water What to do...

Cook Your Own: Spider Pizzas

Cook your own: spider pizzas

by Emma Louise Oldham October 25, 2019

Who doesn’t love an excuse to make a tasty pizza? These are great fun to make. You get to try olives and be creative with food! How realistic can you make your spider sitting on top of a cheesy web? What you need: Pizza dough Tomato puree Cheese (dairy, or plant-based) Olives Plum tomatoes Flour ...

Bake Your Own: Wiggly Worm Cupcakes

Bake your own: wiggly worm cupcakes

by Emma Louise Oldham October 09, 2019

Make a spooky surprise for trick or treaters this Halloween with our dirt and worm cupcakes. They are gooey, chocolatey, wiggly and scrummy! If you use plant-based milk, these are entirely vegan, too. What you need: 220g plain flour 160g sugar 30g cocoa powder 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon b...