Awesome Autumn Art: Bonfire Collage

Awesome autumn art: bonfire collage

by Eco Kids Planet November 04, 2018

Gather some leaves and twigs from the garden or a local park, and celebrate Bonfire Night by making this colourful bonfire collage. What you will need: Colourful leaves: red, yellow and orange Twigs Empty cereal box A piece of A4 card PVA glue Scissors Paintbrush (very handy to have these nearby) ...

Science Project: Eco-Friendly Halloween Slime

Science project: eco-friendly halloween slime

by Emma Louise Oldham October 31, 2018

The slime craze is well and truly here! However, a lot of parents feel uncomfortable about children making and using slime, because many ingredients, such as glue, borax, washing-up liquid and contact lens solution, are full of chemicals, and exposure through the skin can be dangerous and toxic. E...

Minibeast Fancy Dress Competition Winners

Minibeast fancy dress competition winners

by Eco Kids Planet October 17, 2018

For October issue's comic strip, Amelia the Fox and her minibeast friends got into disguises to attend a Halloween party. We challenged you to design a Halloween costume for your favourite minibeast! The entries were marvellous! You all sent in lots of animals dressed in fantastic disguises and camo...

Endangered Feature Creature: The Ladybird Spider

Endangered feature creature: the ladybird spider

by Eco Kids Planet October 08, 2018

Special, Spotty and Not Very Spooky! Spiders are supposed to be spooky and scary, right? Well, we think the little ladybird spider looks more cute than creepy. You’re very unlikely to spot this spotty species in the wild, though. In fact, no one had seen a ladybird spider in the UK for so long that...

Science Project: Sun Balloon Burst Experiment

Science project: sun balloon burst experiment

by Emma Louise Oldham September 12, 2018

This simple and fun activity is a fantastic hands-on activity to understand the difference between absorption and reflection.    What to do: Step 1: Blow up the white balloon but leave it untied at the end. Step 2: Insert the black balloon into the white balloon. This may be a little fiddly, s...

massive black hole in the middle of the galaxy NASA

Cosmic quicksand! the weird world of black holes…

by Eco Kids Planet September 05, 2018

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so strongly that not even light can escape from it. That’s why we can’t see them – though sometimes nearby gases and dust form a super-fast spinning disc around them, which we can see.

Recycled Rocket Craft Competition Winners

Recycled rocket craft competition winners

by Eco Kids Planet September 03, 2018

For August's competition, we challenged you to build your own rocket, using materials that you can find at home. The results were space-tacular!   Congratulations to our 4 winners: Ayla Parkin, age 9 Look at this gigantic rocket! Made from an old washing machine drum base, she will certainly spin t...

5 Reasons to Love Elephants on World Elephant Day

5 reasons to love elephants on world elephant day

by Eco Kids Planet August 11, 2018

1. They’re the only mammals which cannot jump! African bush elephants are the largest land animals in the world. Males can grow up to whopping 13 feet tall at the shoulders and measure up to 30 feet from trunk to tail. As for their weight, you’re talking 6,350 kg. Their trunk alone weighs 400 pound...


The blue whale: a true ocean-going giant

by Eco Kids Planet August 05, 2018

The blue whale is the largest creature to have lived on Earth – ever! It’s even bigger than any of the dinosaurs were. This massive marine mammal quietly cruises across the world’s oceans in search of food and to raise a family. It’s hard to believe that we very nearly lost this awesome animal altog...

Migration Madness Top Trumps Competition Winners

Migration madness top trumps competition winners

by Eco Kids Planet July 31, 2018

Create your own Top Trump Card! Our summer double issue explored all about why and how different animals migrate. So, of course, we had to give you a migration-themed competition! We asked you to design your own Top Trump migration card.  What a fantastic job everyone did!  Congratulations to o...

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