Handy Guide to the UK’s Top 10 Garden Birds

Handy guide to the uk’s top 10 garden birds

by Eco Kids Planet January 25, 2020

We all like to see wildlife visiting our gardens. As for feathered ones, keep your eyes open for these top 10 most likely-to-be-spotted garden birds!   These friendly little garden birds are residents in the UK. They live in colonies and nest in holes or crevices within buildings, among ivy or o...

Make your own: Jungle Terrarium

Make your own: jungle terrarium

by Emma Louise Oldham January 14, 2020

Making terrariums is great fun! They look tropically terrific and bring the wilderness indoors. They make growling good homes for big cat toys, or any other jungle animals you might have. What you need: Tall glass jar with a lid (we used aMason jar) Small stones/pebbles Soil/pottingcompost Mini t...

Wild Cat Diversity Card: Winners Announced

Wild cat diversity card: winners announced

by Eco Kids Planet January 14, 2020

There are at least 38 different species of wild cats around the world. We asked you to choose ONE and create a ‘diversity card’ for your fantastic feline. This has been one of our most popular competitions yet! You’ve all shown the world how interesting, dynamic and beautiful wild cats are. Congrat...

We’re printed on FSC paper!  But what does that mean?

We’re printed on fsc paper! but what does that mean?

by Eco Kids Planet January 12, 2020

Trees provide oxygen – without trees, we cannot breathe. This is why forests are often called the ‘lungs of the planet’. Forests are home to hundreds of thousands of different plants and animals. They are wonderful places to visit and you can do lots of things such as building dens, exploring and c...

5 New Year's Resolutions for Wildlife in 2020

5 new year's resolutions for wildlife in 2020

by Emma Louise Oldham December 27, 2019

Want to make 2020 your cleanest and greenest year yet? Excited to set some goals to help wildlife and help reduce your environmental impact? Here are 5 to start you off! Let's make 2020 a wilder, better place to be! 1. Ditch Single-use Plastics Bags, straws, bottles, coffee lids, milk tops - sing...

Seven Wonderful Ways to Help Winter Wildlife

Seven wonderful ways to help winter wildlife

by Emma Louise Oldham December 19, 2019

Liven up your garden with wild visitors! Here’s how to attract wildlife into your garden and help it survive through the winter. 1. Melt the ice in your pond When temperatures are freezing, a lot of water sources ice up. This makes it difficult for wildlife to have a drink. Toxic gases can also buil...

Animal Kitchen Creations: Winners Announced

Animal kitchen creations: winners announced

by Eco Kids Planet December 13, 2019

We called on you to get your mixing bowls out and oven mitts ready! The challenge…. to create some delicious animal edible treats. You’ve all proved yourself to be master chefs! If only we could taste them all. Congratulations to our 5 winners: Tosia, age 10 and Tymek age 8, Manchester Esmae, ag...

Endangered Creature Future: Polar Bear

Endangered creature future: polar bear

by Anya Dimelow December 12, 2019

Polar bears are the largest land predators on the planet, but despite being totally awesome, their future is not looking too good. Let’s find out why… A BIT ABOUT… Polar bears grow to around three metres tall and can weigh up to 600kg, although the biggest polar bear ever recorded weighed 1,002kg (t...

Let's Debate: Ecotourism

Let's debate: ecotourism

by Eco Kids Planet December 03, 2019

Hi, Eco Kids! Amy, Charlie and Simon here! We’ve been having a debate about ECOTOURISM: is it good or bad for the enviroment? Simon is asking the questions, and Amy and Charlie are arguing for and against ecotourism. Have a read – what do YOU think? SIMON: QUESTION 1 Whale-watching boats – are they...

Make Your Own: Fruit & Cereal Bird Feeder

Make your own: fruit & cereal bird feeder

by Emma Louise Oldham November 25, 2019

Attract birds to your garden by making them a fantastic feast! A great way to use up leftover scraps and help the birds during the colder months. What you need: Pipe cleaner or garden wire Cheerios Raisins or chopped-up fruit bars Apple Cheese/dairy-free cheese What to do: Step 1: Put a knot...

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