'my garden bird' competition

by Eco Kids Planet February 27, 2017

In our January (Lake Baikal) issue, we asked you to send us a drawing or a photo of your favourite garden bird. Thank you to all the bird lovers who shared their drawings and letters! Find out who the lucky five winners are in our March issue of Eco Kids Planet. Robin by Fiona, Switzerland Gold f...

'my ice age giant' competition winners

by Eco Kids Planet February 08, 2017

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR WINNERS! PUBLISHED IN THE THE MYSTERY ICE AGE EDITION (DECEMBER, 2016) OF ECO KIDS PLANET MAGAZINE. Jasmine, age 11, Stubbington (United Kingdom) This is my December competition entry hope you like it. Oh and just to say I really love eco kids. It is sooooooo much fun to rea...

Science in the Park: How do Butterflies Survive Winter?

Science in the park: how do butterflies survive winter?

by Zion Lights February 02, 2017

Overwintering butterfly (© Sebastian Knight/Shutterstock) Butterfly's survival strategies The life cycle of a butterfly involves four stages: from egg, to caterpillar, to pupa (or chrysalis), to adult. During the winter, a butterfly goes into a dormant state which is sort of like hibernation, althou...

Science in the Park

Science in the park

by Zion Lights December 29, 2016

How to explain the basic natural processes to your child Have your children been looking around outside and wondering why the leaves are changing colour and falling off the trees? If so, here are the facts for them to impress their friends and family members with!  Plants and trees drink water throu...

How to stay connected to nature in winter

How to stay connected to nature in winter

by Zion Lights December 08, 2016

With winter around the corner we want to make sure our children get as much wild time and daylight as possible, so why not plan a trip to the local botanic garden? With a little imagination, there are many adventures to be had in these hubs of biodiversity. Here are just a few ideas: Have you ever...

'my spooky monster' competition winners

by Anya Dimelow November 11, 2016

In our October's Spooky Science issue of Eco Kids Planet, we asked you to design a fiercely scary and vicious monster. Congratulations to our six winners!

Create a Cute Vampire Bat Puppet!

Create a cute vampire bat puppet!

by Eco Kids Planet October 10, 2016

Halloween is almost here and we have vampire bats in our heads! Download our cute vampire bat finger puppet. Take your bat puppet for a walk or bring it along with you if you go trick-or-treating. It will make a nice addition to any Halloween costume!
Interview with Orang-utan Fairy Godmother, Sue Sheward

Interview with orang-utan fairy godmother, sue sheward

by Eco Kids Planet March 14, 2016

Sue Sheward, whom locals have dubbed the Godmother of Orang-utans, is a founder and chairwoman of the charity organisation Orangutan Appeal UK. The organisation supports the Sepilok orang-utan rehabilitation centre in Borneo and runs an education campaign for local communities.

Can we save polar bears by moving them to Antarctica?

Can we save polar bears by moving them to antarctica?

by Anya Dimelow February 27, 2016

Ice loss due to climate change is the cause of the dramatic fall in polar bear populations. Between 22,000 and 31,000 polar bears live globally today, but their numbers are expected to decline by two-thirds in the coming 35-40 years. “Why do polar bears need snow to survive? Why can’t they li...

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