Lizard Superpowers!

Lizard superpowers!

by Eco Kids Planet August 14, 2020

Let’s celebrate lizards!

Lizards come in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, from giant komodo dragons that grow up to three metres long to dwarf geckos that measure just 1.6cm.


World elephant day: three special species

by Chloe Petrylak August 12, 2020

Once commonly found across Africa and Asia, these gentle giants have experienced a significant decline in numbers since the 20th century, largely as a result of the illegal ivory trade. To mark World Elephant Day, we are taking a look at the three recognised species that still roam Earth today.  


5 totally roar-some facts about lions

by Chloe Petrylak August 10, 2020

To celebrate World Lion Day, we’ve put together a host of fun and ferocious facts about these majestic felines. 1) LIONS ARE THE ONLY BIG CATS TO LIVE IN GROUPS Unlike leopards, tigers and cheetahs, who all live alone, lions are the only species of big cat to live in groups. These groups are called...


Seven buzzing bee facts

by Eco Kids Planet May 27, 2020

Fuzzy and buzzy, there are almost 20,000 different species of bee in the world. Each and everyone is a guardian of biodiversity and their ecosystem. Here are seven buzzing bee facts. 1. Bees are essential workers. Without bees, the world would be entirely different. When a single bee lands on a flo...

Monthly Competition: Design a Shell

Monthly competition: design a shell

by Eco Kids Planet May 23, 2020

Nature has done a spectacular job designing fascinating shells. Each is unique and purpose-built for the animal that carries it or lives in it. Now it’s your turn! Choose an animal (or a human!) and design a shell for them. What does it look like and how will it empower its owner? Show us your creat...

Make your Own: Eco Bath Bombs

Make your own: eco bath bombs

by Emma Louise Oldham May 23, 2020

They’re fizzy and vibrant, and smell divine! These eco bath bombs contain only natural ingredients, so are kind to skin. And when the fun is finished, they are safe to go down the plughole, too! What you need: ½ cup Epsom salt 1 cup baking soda ½ cup citric acid Few drops of natural organic food co...

Monthly Competition: Crooked Cress Heads

Monthly competition: crooked cress heads

by Eco Kids Planet April 13, 2020

For this month’s competition, we challenge you to make your own silly cress heads. Cress heads are so much fun! Cress seeds sprout and grow REALLY quickly, adding a funky hairdo to any decorated egg or pot. Simply add wet kitchen paper or cotton wool to the base of an eggshell or recycled pot, and ...

Make your Own: Easter Krispie Pops

Make your own: easter krispie pops

by Emma Louise Oldham April 11, 2020

They’re crunchy and gooey, and you don’t even need to bake them. Our Easter Krispie Pops are a fantastic homemade treat that even the Easter Bunny will want to get his hands on. What you need: White and/or dark chocolate (Fairtrade. Please check it doesn’t use unsustainable palm oil.) 200g Rice Kri...

5 Brilliant Butterfly Facts

5 brilliant butterfly facts

by Emma Louise Oldham March 28, 2020

There are over 20,000 species of butterfly, found all across the world, except Antarctica. They change their appearance four times during their lifetime and brighten up our gardens, but how much do you know about them? How do they eat? Can they really make their own glue? And which is the biggest? W...

How spending time with animals can improve your child’s wellbeing

How spending time with animals can improve your child’s wellbeing

by Eco Kids Planet March 25, 2020

They’re cute and cuddly, but they’re also great for cognitive development. In this article, Sean Whiting, Director of Houghton Country, discusses the positive impact animals can have on a child’s wellbeing. Spending time with cats, dogs, and other animals, as well as animal-related activities like h...

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