Animal Kitchen Creations: Winners Announced

Animal kitchen creations: winners announced

by Eco Kids Planet December 13, 2019

We called on you to get your mixing bowls out and oven mitts ready! The challenge…. to create some delicious animal edible treats. You’ve all proved yourself to be master chefs! If only we could taste them all. Congratulations to our 5 winners: Tosia, age 10 and Tymek age 8, Manchester Esmae, ag...

Endangered Creature Future: Polar Bear

Endangered creature future: polar bear

by Anya Dimelow December 12, 2019

Polar bears are the largest land predators on the planet, but despite being totally awesome, their future is not looking too good. Let’s find out why… A BIT ABOUT… Polar bears grow to around three metres tall and can weigh up to 600kg, although the biggest polar bear ever recorded weighed 1,002kg (t...

10 Reasons Why Eco Kids Planet Magazine is the Best Gift this Christmas

10 reasons why eco kids planet magazine is the best gift this christmas

by Eco Kids Planet December 09, 2019

Christmas is an exciting time. Children eagerly wait to see what surprises are waiting for them under the tree. Families bond over homemade food and board games. We pull crackers, tell jokes, watch films together and enjoy our new gifts.   We understand why finding the perfect gift is impor...

Let's Debate: Ecotourism

Let's debate: ecotourism

by Eco Kids Planet December 03, 2019

Hi, Eco Kids! Amy, Charlie and Simon here! We’ve been having a debate about ECOTOURISM: is it good or bad for the enviroment? Simon is asking the questions, and Amy and Charlie are arguing for and against ecotourism. Have a read – what do YOU think? SIMON: QUESTION 1 Whale-watching boats – are they...

Make Your Own: Fruit & Cereal Bird Feeder

Make your own: fruit & cereal bird feeder

by Emma Louise Oldham November 25, 2019

Attract birds to your garden by making them a fantastic feast! A great way to use up leftover scraps and help the birds during the colder months. What you need: Pipe cleaner or garden wire Cheerios Raisins or chopped-up fruit bars Apple Cheese/dairy-free cheese What to do: Step 1: Put a knot...

Leafy Creatures: Winners Announced

Leafy creatures: winners announced

by Anya Dimelow November 13, 2019

We love a natural treasure hunt! Our readers have done a brilliant job collecting natural items, including leaves, feathers and moss, and transforming them into masterpieces.  Congratulations to our five winners...  Owl Polly, age 7, Llanelli Pheasant Natalie, age 8, Warrington Crab Noah, ...

Make Your Own: Erupting Pumpkins

Make your own: erupting pumpkins

by Emma Louise Oldham October 26, 2019

Don't let your carved pumpkins go to waste. They make fantastic volcanos! Turn your leftovers into an erupting fun science project. What you need: One small pumpkin (the bigger you use, the more of the other ingredients you need to add) Vinegar Food coloring (optional) Dish soap Water What to do...

Cook Your Own: Spider Pizzas

Cook your own: spider pizzas

by Emma Louise Oldham October 25, 2019

Who doesn’t love an excuse to make a tasty pizza? These are great fun to make. You get to try olives and be creative with food! How realistic can you make your spider sitting on top of a cheesy web? What you need: Pizza dough Tomato puree Cheese (dairy, or plant-based) Olives Plum tomatoes Flour ...

Make Your Own..... Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Make your own..... pine cone bird feeder

by Emma Louise Oldham October 15, 2019

This fun and simple activity will create a delicious treat to help attract birds to your garden! You can even venture out on a pine cone adventure hunt to collect your resources! What you need: String Peanut butter Birdseed Knife (with adult supervision) Step 1: Cut your string to the size need...

Get Snappy This Autumn: Winners Announced

Get snappy this autumn: winners announced

by Anya Dimelow October 09, 2019

The greatest thing about autumn? All the beautiful colours! It's also a very exciting time to see lots of animals out and about making their winter preparations. For our ‘Underground Life’ issue, we encouraged you to go outside and get snapping with a camera. We’ve got to admit, our readers have a g...

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