Giant Pandas and Their Mountainous Road to Recovery!

Giant pandas and their mountainous road to recovery!

by Eco Kids Planet January 07, 2018

@Steve Bloom Images/Alamy Stock Photo In 1961, GIANT PANDAS were threatened with extinction. When naturalist Sir Peter Scott founded the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) that year, he chose the giant panda as its symbol. These distinctive, cuddly looking creatures went on to become a global icon, represent...

Top 5 Christmas Gifts for Science Lovers

Top 5 christmas gifts for science lovers

by Emma Louise Oldham December 04, 2017

Presents that nourish and inspire a love for science are long lasting. Not only do they teach our children to question, investigate and develop new skills but they’re also just great fun! You’ll most likely find yourself joining in as your child builds, experiments and learns. We’ve rounded up our T...

How to throw a kick-ass eco-friendly children’s party

How to throw a kick-ass eco-friendly children’s party

by Zion Lights November 08, 2017

You can have it all. A memorable, fun AND green children’s party. Allow a few weeks of planning and it’s actually a lot simpler than you’d think. Plus, what a great ethos to get your child involved in - planning eco-friendly ideas and activities that will help them develop a connection between resou...

Deforestation Monster

Deforestation monster

by Eco Kids Planet November 02, 2017

Our Tropical forests are not only home to thousands of amazing creatures, but also breathe huge amounts of oxygen into the world, making them a very important habitat. Sadly, millions of hectares of rainforest are being removed and destroyed, affecting many people and wildlife who depend on it. To r...

Bat Superpowers: The Unstoppable Hunters of the Night

Bat superpowers: the unstoppable hunters of the night

by Eco Kids Planet October 13, 2017

Everyone thinks bats are super-cool at Halloween, with their sharp pointy teeth, cute furry bodies, weird leathery wings and legendary blood-sucking habits. But when you’ve discovered their SEVEN SUPERPOWERS, you’ll think they’re super-cool all year round.

Meet Maggie MacDonnell, the World's Best Teacher

Meet maggie macdonnell, the world's best teacher

by Eco Kids Planet October 03, 2017

Far north in the Canadian Arctic, there lies a gigantic, barren, frost-ridden territory, with sweeping winds and long, cold winters. For the most part, this vast area remains the land of northern aboriginal peoples, the Inuit. When other nationalities began to colonise the region, the Inuit were for...

Mud face competition

by Eco Kids Planet September 07, 2017

In our summer special, Africa's Giants, we asked our readers to have some messy fun creating faces using mud and different things you find in nature. Thank you to everyone who sent us their letters and photos. Below are some of your best muddy creations! Amali, age 10,  Lostwithiel I hope you lik...

World Elephant Day – Top Fun (and Not So Fun) Facts

World elephant day – top fun (and not so fun) facts

by Eco Kids Planet August 12, 2017

World Elephant Day is an international annual event dedicated to the preservation and protection of elephants. Elephants are the largest land mammals but how much do you know about these African giants? In celebration of World Elephant Day on 12th August, we put together our top fun – and not so fu...

Big Wild Sleepout

Big wild sleepout

by Eco Kids Planet July 25, 2017

This weekend, thousands of children and their families will be pitching their tents and rolling out their sleeping bags. It's the RSPB Big Wild Sleepout on 28-30 July – for the fifth year running!  The event takes place over the last weekend in July. It is a simple, free, fun activity for people of ...

Pollution Monster Competition

Pollution monster competition

by Eco Kids Planet July 20, 2017

Pollution is one of the biggest threats to the world's oceans. Every year, millions of tons of plastic waste enter the sea. In our Great Barrier Reef issue, we asked our readers to draw a picture of what "a pollution monster" would look like. Thank you to everyone who sent us their letters, ideas an...

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